Aerial Adventure Park in Keystone, SD

Take your Mount Rushmore experience to new heights on the ropes course!

The Aerial Adventure Park is one of the newest additions to Rushmore Tramway Adventures. We call it the ultimate Black Hills' nature tour! This concept is most easily described as a challenge course built and suspended up in the trees.

It offers climbers of all skill levels the chance to feel like a kid again. Several ropes courses of varying degrees of difficulty ensure something for every climber in your family or group. And whether you're a novice or a seasoned climber, each course gets you up close and personal with the Black Hills' beautiful Ponderosa pines.

3 New courses!

Up until the spring of 2015, we had 5 different courses. Since everyone has loved the park so much we just recently added three new courses!

We now have:

  • 2 Yellow Courses (meant for beginner climbing)
  • 3 Green Courses (meant for intermediate climbing)
  • 2 Blue Courses (meant for advanced climbing)
  • 1 Black Course (meant for expert climbing

85+ Platforms and More Than 100 Different Elements

One of the Aerial Adventure Park's defining features is that it combines more than 80 platforms with more than 80 different elements, including:

  • 11 Integrated Ziplines
  • Suspended bridges
  • Suspended ladders
  • Trapezes
  • Tubes
  • Cables
  • Rings
  • Nets
  • And more!

Each Climber gets a pass for 1 hour and 45 minutes. The first 15 minutes is meant for harnessing and briefing on the safety equipment. Once you have learned the information, you are set free to try as many of the 8 courses we have in 90 minutes.

Our Aerial Adventure Park provides an experience that won't soon be forgotten—and all just two miles from the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Walk, climb and swing your way to an amazing experience at a breathtaking location.

Call us at (605) 666-4478 to learn more about this unparalleled treetop adventure!