Alpine Slide in Keystone, SD

Enjoy the view from the top, then race to the bottom!

The alpine slide has been a visitor favorite since it first was installed. If you've never experienced an alpine slide, this is your chance! Think of it as a bobsled, without all the cold and snow!

What makes this attraction a visitor favorite?

Riders descend one of our two parallel mountain tracks in a wheeled cart, specially designed to navigate all the dips and high-banked turns. Of course, if you'd rather enjoy a more leisurely descent, that is entirely up to you. Let gravity do its thing, or slow the journey down and enjoy the view! Why does the alpine slide continue to be a visitor favorite?

  • It's a great option whether you enjoy a good thrill or whether you prefer to take in a view on your own timetable.
  • The cart speed is determined by a hand brake located between the rider's legs.
  • Carts are easy to control, and a small child can ride with an adult driver!

Call us at (605) 666-4478 to learn more; the alpine slide is ready and waiting!