Mountain-Top Grille in Keystone, SD

Treat your taste buds while you feast your eyes!

You'd be hard pressed to find a more scenic lunch spot than the one offered by the Mountain-Top Grille at Rushmore Tramway Adventures. Situated atop our summit garden—a mere one and a half miles from the Mount Rushmore National Memorial—this outdoor eatery is the perfect place to enjoy the splendors of nature, while savoring some great food.

There's something about being in the mountains, surrounded by fresh air and the inviting fragrance of our Ponderosa pines that works up an appetite. Why wait to get back down the mountain to eat when there's great food available right here at the top?

Great American food at a great American destination!

Our impressive menu features a variety of delicious entrees, drinks and desserts that includes:

  • Mouth-watering grilled hamburgers (beef or buffalo)
  • Brats
  • Salads
  • Plenty of kid-friendly options
  • Beer and soda
  • A full assortment of ice cream flavors

Once you've eaten your fill, you'll find plenty of Mount Rushmore attractions that you can do to work off the calories. Take a leisurely stroll through our expansive flower gardens, or get your heart pumping on the 2000 ft. alpine slide.

Don't forget about the view!

Considering the view, it's perfectly understandable if you'd rather just linger at your table for a while. The Mountain-Top Grille's seating area offers a mix of shade and sunshine, but each table affords a unique and majestic aerial view of Mount Rushmore, which rises triumphantly just across the valley. So go ahead, order another drink and savor a truly unique dining experience.

Contact us today at (605) 666-4478 to learn more about what awaits you at the Mountain-Top Grille!